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Los Angeles Excavating and Grading Contractor

We at Thomas Demolition have the equipment and experience needed to handle virtually any excavating jobs. In order for the project to be done properly, there needs to be a full understanding of the layout of the property, including the drainage, building placement, and soil. Our team has the knowledge to properly learn and understand all of this for your property. Since 1983, we have been working with Los Angeles area business owners, developers, and home owners to provide all the excavating and grading services they may need.

Excavating and grading isn't simply just digging holes and pushing dirt around. It takes experienced experts to ensure that the site is leveled correctly so that water will flow properly and the building pads are level to prevent issues later.

Whether you are looking to excavate or grade a small plot of land or a large building site, a small driveway or a full road, we have the skilled workers to handle the job correctly. All of our projects begin with a perfectly graded area, and a solid base to prevent water from being retained and the driveway or road from flooding.

Excavating and Grading Services Los Angeles, California




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